Welcome to Data and Stuff! I am Monica Wong, a senior data analyst at Network Guard, one of the fastest growing international internet security companies. I use data to answer critical business questions and drive change in the business.

Data is the light that guides us through the dark. As a data analyst, I see myself as someone who lights up the lantern to help others see opportunities and improvement areas more clearly so that they can make better decisions.

I started my career in finance as an operation analyst, in which preparing regular reports, noticing trends and anomalies are major parts of my role. This kindled my interest in data, which led me to the path of learning more about data analysis, statistics, SQL and Python through bootcamps and online resources, that eventually landed me my current role as a data analyst.

I was born in the Philippines, grew up in Hong Kong and studied in Hong Kong, USA and Denmark. Growing up with people from different cultures has developed my empathy and communication skills, which allows me to translate business questions into analysis as well as communicate insights effectively to stakeholders to drive action.

Outside of data, I enjoy going to the gym, travelling and learning new languages.