Data Analysis Movie – Obtaining Insights on Van Orders

Hi guys! I’ve created a short “movie” on analyzing van orders.

Watch my video here!

Hope you guys enjoy it and I’d appreciate your feedback 🙂 Below is a brief description of the movie and the data I used –

Part 1 – Use SQL to obtain insights

Vanorders – contains information on all orders, including

  • idvanOrder: order ID, the primary key
  • requestor_client_id: client account ID
  • servicer_auth: driver ID
  • total_price: price of the order
  • order_status: whether the order is completed (=2), cancelled (=3) or expired (5)

Vaninterest – an entry is created whenever a driver picked up an order. The driver can reject the order  then another driver could pick it up. In this case 2 entries will be shown in Vaninterest for the same order.

  • idvaninterest: the primary key
  • idvanOrder: order ID
  • servicer_auth: driver ID

Part 2 – Assess whether a system change in the order allocation system improved order match time

A system change was introduced at midnight on 30 March 2017 on the order allocation system. The objective of the change is to improve order match time. I would like to analyze whether this system change has achieved its objective.


  1. Orders from 24 March – 3 April 2017
  2. Time those orders were placed
  3. Time those orders were accepted by drivers

The difference between 2 and 3 is the order match time.